Reds 6, Pirates 1

Well, that was miserable.  Some things that I jotted down:

It was nice to see Alvarez work a 9 pitch at bat and then line a single.  That was really encouraging in the 2nd.

Cueto was getting all kind of calls low and outside to lefties and low and in to righties.  Correia failed to take advantage of that spot.

Also, everything except Correia’s curve was between 85-90 mph.  When your changeup is 5 mph less than your top velocity, and some of his fastballs were less than 90, and your slider is 1-2 mph less than your fastball, you aren’t able to get hitters off balance.

I don’t think Greg Brown likes Bob Walk.

We went down 1-2-3 in the 3rd, but Tabata and Presley each made Cueto earn it, which was nice to see. No walks today, but a few nice long at bats.

That said, no walks today. This is getting ridiculous.

Presley looked awful on Heisey’s triple.

Correia has location problems. The number of times he left the ball up over the plate, especially when ahead in the count, was ludicrous.  Since I just mentioned how his stuff isn’t good, he’s in trouble.

To be fair I think Correia is an awful pitcher, so I may not be objective here.

Alvarez with a sac fly. One of the most frustrating things last year was consistently failing to get the runner in from third with less than two outs. That was encouraging.

Garrett Jones is an awful baserunner.  Not just for getting thrown out at home, that was just him being slow, but for the number of times I’ve seen him doubled off first or second on line drives or fly balls.

For the record, Jones had the sixteenth most runs lost to baserunning in the majors last year.

Barajas kept asking for the ball down. Correia kept putting it belt high. With two strikes. Ugh.

Tabata fell asleep on the basepaths and got picked off without moving back towards first.  Can’t happen, especially with a speed guy.

Seriously, why can’t we take a walk?

Bob Walk drives me crazy. He pitched and should have noticed that all of Correia’s pitches were the same velocity before the 7th.

On the bright side, Resop threw off-speed pitches. On the other hand, they got hit, and they got hit hard. He won’t survive with just a decent fastball in the big leagues.

The pitches Correia gave up the back to back home runs on were simply atrocious.

In short, this game was miserable to watch and I tried to take some positives out of it but there simply weren’t many to be had.  Here’s what I got.

Pedro Alvarez continued to look good at the plate.

Barmes hit a few balls well.

McClouth looked good.

We only had to use two pitchers, which should help in the next game.


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