Really? Really?: Chris Young’s Ejection

Maybe I’m overly sensitive to stupid sports journalism because of my love for Fire Joe Morgan, but this is ridiculous.  A sportswriter in Arizona, Nick Piecoro, genuinely thinks that Chris Young arguing balls and strikes shows that he is a competitor.

I was at the game in question. In fact, I was one of maybe 5000 people who stayed out in the rain to see this at bat. The first pitch to Young was on the low and inside corner. I thought it was going to be a ball. I felt as though no pitcher had gotten a call on that pitch all game. That said, I was really surprised to see Young get so angry at the call. It was a pitch that was close to the strike zone and, more importantly, it was strike one. The umpire has unilateral control over strikes two and three. There is no reason to aggravate him.

More importantly, the pitches that he got really upset about, strikes two and three, were the EXACT SAME PITCH. Did he think that he had convinced the umpire that his strike zone was wrong? How did he not expect that to be strike three?  I thought that the incident made Young look like an idiot.

Sadly, this is not the most ridiculous thing in the article. That honor belongs to referring to the Diamondbacks, at the time 56-55, as “in the thick of a pennant race”. Now that I think of it, it was also ridiculous to refer to “the thick of a pennant race” as early as August 8th.  In summary, Nick Piecoro is a moron.


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