Mission Statement: Generation 20 attempts to treat baseball writing as seriously and constructively as possible.  I strive to make sure that everything that I post is well-researched, responsibly cited, and adds something to the greater conversation.

At times,  I will stray from this mission statement.  I may write about something besides the Pittsburgh Pirates or baseball. I may write about something humorously.  For the most part, however, I will try to stick to the mission statement above.

I write this for myself.  If people read my stuff, then I will be flattered. The reason I do this, though, is to ensure that I write more and because I enjoy talking about the Pirates.

About the author: I am an undergraduate student at a small liberal arts college majoring in history and philosophy.  I remain anonymous because I don’t want this blog to affect my future employment.

For more about this blog and it’s purpose and inspiration, read my first post.


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